To see dawn breaking over

the water was just breath taking.

It is such moments that

people live for and it was

not lost on Bri and I.

We were blessed to be part of it.

It was a beautiful 60f morning.

We got in the water at

Hudson Beach. It was hard to tell the sky from the water.

When we see begin to see the fishing shacks in the water, we know

we are getting close to

Durney Key and our half

way point. It really is neat how the birds line the roof.

Finally we reached the finish at

Anclote River Park at 1:30 p.m.

Our hearts were happy but,

our legs were numb. The

25 Miles was long. We are

blessed to be able to share this

with you.

The sun shone down on the

water and we had a balmy gulf breeze to paddle by.

Bri was a great conversationalist

and I really was happy to have

her with me.

The last leg seemed long

and we wondered if we would

ever arrive. Head down and just

keep paddling.

Paddle 2016

At Durney Key a little

Sting Ray wanted to chase

Bri around in the shallows.

This was fun to watch and was

glad we found it on video.