Dunedin Causeway was bright and fun.

Glad to be back on the water

for a hard practice. Any day on

the water is a great day.

Paddling at Crystal Beach

was a lot of fun.

Walter and I got to explore

waterways. There was lots

of wildlife - birds, fish

dolphins and manatee.

Meet Amanda Corkum, our

newest crew member.

She did her first practice at

Anclote River. She was so excited

that she tipped us over in the river.

We are happy to have her aboard

for this years paddle.

I was given an inflatable

kayak to check out so, I took it to

Hudson Beach. I have to admit, I am impressed. For people who do not go often, have very little room or have

no way to carry a solid yak -this

does work...even has a skeg

Honeymoon Island State Park

It was a choppy day on the water.

Got to meet a nice woman

from Kentucky who helped when

Amanda got hurt.

I will be doing the paddle alone this year.

Pine Island in Hernando County

was a great place to launch.

Lots of wildlife and even with

an overcast day it was a lot

of fun.  I love this place.

Anclote was the last practice.

Dolphins were all around us.

We had so much fun and

got a great workout.