Bobby wanted to be on the water.

We got on his PFD and went over a safety check.

He was given pirate shades and off to

Launch we went.

His heart soared as we glided across the water.

It was a Beautiful Day.Type your paragraph here.

Swans followed out journey.

They were quite beautiful and Made the journey spiritual

He had not been on the water in over 10 years.

A new Pirate was born.

We get a call from a young man in Norton, MA,
Who wanted to join the Pirate Crew.
The Captain adjusted her paddle and set sail.
Tory Cooper the Boatwright got the vessel ready and the
‘Reservoir Rover’ was born (our first inflatable).

This paddle was achieved with help and support

From bosons mate Dana Watson.

The Reservoir Rover will stay in our New England office,

In care of Deanna and Tory Cooper.

Paddle For Bobby