Off we went on the wild adventure

of the Florida Cup 2016

Our trainer RJ Reed will soon be

leaving for Japan and we

wanted to run his last race with him

We had a great time.

Tubin on the Rainbow River

in Dunnellon Florida

The trip was about 2 hours

and is fun. The water was so clear

and we got to see an otter.

I can hardly wait to go back.

The blessing of the Shamrock's Avenger

happened at Atonement Church

in Wesley Chapel. This was a special day

with a focus on the spirit of community.

Clearwater Beach has updated and continues

to grow. There was a lot of fun stuff

to do and see. Just make sure to get there

early or you will have no place to park.

Girly Pirate Sightings

The Tampa Outlet Mall in Wesley Chapel

was big and beautiful. I got many great deals on equipment. We had a great time at PacSun, O'Neil and Lindt.

Every pirate needs treasure.

The Crisson Mine called

and off we went to Dahlonega, GA

Really had fun with Sheri and

her family.