Our First Drop of the Year went to Sunrise of Pasco...This was made in the first of the year...A new step and go carrier, car seat and stroller...

We are blessed to start the year off in such a strong fashion

In may we dispersed money

and goods to Sunrise of Pasco

From the 2016 Paddle

We were also given bags to take to

the thrift store. 2 Wins for

the price of one here

The shelter makes money and

goods are recycled

Many charities have cardboard dumpsters

These aid charities to make money...
Not only do you do recycling but, help the community

Talk about a win/win situation for everyone
Please help your community...

2016 - Donation drops are when we bring money or goods or services

to one of the many fine charities we aid and share it with you:)

We were also blessed to disperse money,

food and goods to the

Helping Hands Food Bank

from the 2016 Paddle.

Helping is the way we build a

better community

The middle of July has brought the

9th donation drop. We are blessed!

A swing for an infant and a new bed

It is good to pay it forward.

Our fourth donation drop focused on the children. We dropped off a

high chair and baby bath to

Sunrise of Pasco Abuse Shelter.

It is time to keep doing what is right

June is a time when people forget,

there are many who need help.
This is our 7th Donation Drop this year.
Thank you all for helping others.

The ability to do this is a blessing.

Our third drop went to Sunrise of Pasco
Play pens, Jumparoo and office supplies made the ladies smile...my how baby equipment has changed

Keeping kids safe and occupied while Mom gets help.

The start of July was the 8th donation drop.

Beds and cribs, children's furniture are

the good that found their way to shelter:)

Our second drop took us to Lee County...The Abuse Counseling and Treatment Center...ar seats and Jumparoos

to help kids in Lee County...

Great People working to keep women Safe