September was a special month

From baby showers to

the church to the shelter

There was much to be done

and we were happy to help

Schools are in constant need of supplies.

At the Paddle, we feel helping is a

key to aid teachers creating

successful children

November started at the High School

and then to the middle school

in Wesley Chapel

October brought several donation

drops around the county again

teaching supplies to

shelter upgrades we navigated

our way around.

Helping hands food bank and

The baby shower given for soon-to be-moms who need help

We are blessed to be able to aid the community

This is by the end of August.

It is exciting to see what the rest

of the year will bring.

The summer of 2016 brought the chance to make several drops all around ... food bank, schools, churches and battered women's shelter

are very grateful for all of the help.

Here at the Paddle we promote dreams,

After working hard at school and

doing what his mother told him

The Paddle sent him a package to

aid in his hockey dreams...